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Introducing Zen Wellness and Pilates

A place where the mind and body are strengthened, and lives are transformed.

Led by founder, Carine Wegmann, Zen Wellness & Pilates is renowned for its supportive, nurturing, and transformative teaching style.

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Carine’s own journey with mental health led her to discover the incredible power of Pilates. Struggling with neglecting self-care and battling anxiety and panic attacks, Carine found solace in Pilates. Pilates has become Carine’s sanctuary for mental and physical strength.

Prior to wellness coaching and Pilates, she spent 15 years in corporate Human Resources. During those years, Carine learned the incredible value of understanding people – truly seeing their unique value. An empath at heart, she feels what others are going through.

Carine’s genuine desire is to help individuals overcome their own health challenges, break free from the chains of reliance on healthcare, and feel strong mentally and physically to achieve their life’s goals.

“Take the first step towards a happier, healthier you. You are one decision away from a completely different life. Why delay feeling your best?”
CARINE Wegmann
Founder and Instructor

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ZW&P has everything you need to feel confident, reduce health symptoms, and love being in your own skin. You’ll create the right habits that fuel a wellness-based lifestyle, igniting transformative change from within.
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